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The Answer Collaborative

A wisdom university.

The oak is within the acorn, guaranteed.

The acorn becomes an oak as naturally
as any growing thing will mature.
But to become fully human with worth
and dignity also takes commitment,
evidenced from within one’s daily choices
and one’s ongoing personal courage.
-Rollo May (paraphrased)



Join us, wise one!  We are building a wisdom university here.


Your ‘diploma’ will be found in the evidence of a life well-lived, a life that matters:
a life of transforming confusion, frustration, aloneness, busyness, fear, and grief
into a life of courage, healing, kindness, and the power of belonging and dignity.

We believe a wise life has purpose, belonging, wealth, simplicity, happiness,
and is always true to self while contributing something of consequence to the world.



“Great, but I’ve tried it all before, many times,
and I just can’t seem to find a way to these promises.”
If this is your first response, then you are in the right place!


In this place, we will step out way beyond the modern 20th-century mindsets that have been wildly successful and that are now breaking down.

The ancient and very new 21st-century alternative is a mindset of Process-Creative reality, where turbulence and intensity cannot be avoided but are indeed the source of thriving greatness.

Process-oriented wisdom understands the seemingly unimaginable as fundamental to a reasonable, scientific, relational, healthy, erotic, awe-inspiring, sustainable, and just world.



As scary or impossible as it may seem, the leap is possible!  Especially with helping hands.


We are, right now, building classes, writing books, interviewing people like you.

And we will soon launch an ever-growing, self-creative, vital place of learning,
a place that provides safe passage through
life’s pragmatic revelations, the world’s wisdom traditions, philosophies, current wisdom science, and the best of thousands of popular (and a few new) wisdom practices.

We want to create a place where you can bring alive your purpose, your creativity,
your leadership, your true home, your most peaceable presence, your greatest consequence.



All this bringing alive is done in the company of many other seekers of wisdom like you.


You could even eventually add your wisdom to the growing roster of faculty and mentors
as we seek to connect ever greater numbers of we wise ones in collaborative,
mutual learning.



And anyway–
we have to prepare ourselves, our work, our relationships, our children, and the world of our children’s children for effective participation in the emerging global federation of creatives,
self-organizing in shared solidarity for simple wealth, dignity, love, peace, and sustainability,
however such ideals become real on the ground, at the intersections of our lived realities.

Whether you join us here or discover links to your own places of wisdom,
the future where life is made great will require a level of risked wisdom and purposeful living that is not prepared for in most of the world’s cultures or the globe’s universities.



That preparation for wise living is what the Answer Collaborative is all about.
The leap is possible.



Join us in building a place where learning to live a wise life
will also give us courage in numbers!



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